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06.11.2020 | Event, News

Youth and 2020 Election in Myanmar

This video encourages young people in Myanmar to vote in the upcoming 2020 election.


03.07.2020 | Event, News

Now it is official!

We are most happy to announce that FES Myanmar has moved offices.


11.06.2020 | News, Event

Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung မြန်မာပြည်တွင်ဆက်လက် ရပ်တည်သွားမည်

FES အနေဖြင့် ဂျာမနီနိုင်ငံ စီးပွားရေးပူးပေါင်းဆောင်ရွက်မှုနှင့် ဖွံ့ဖြိုးရေးဝန်ကြီးဌာန၏ နှစ်နိုင်ငံဖွံ့ဖြိုးရေး ပူးပေါင်းဆောင်ရွက်မှုအား…


| News, Event

COVID-19 Announcement

FES-Myanmar has closely observed trends and increasing restrictions in response to COVID-19. We came to the conclusion that the most responsible…


04.09.2019 | News, Event

The Future of the Country is in the Hand of the Youth, but the Future of the Youth is in the Hand of the Elders

The Role of the Youth Within the Democratic Transition in Myanmar


07.08.2019 | Event

The Ceremony of Architectural Design Presentation on the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The ceremony of Architectural Design Presentation on the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Yangon and Honorary Awarding…


12.07.2019 | Event

Regional Meeting on Textile, Garment, Shoes and Leather on Organizing in Supply Chain

The current phase of high capital flexibility means that companies can move their industries to countries with the cheapest labour. It is becoming…


01.07.2019 | Event

Workshop on Climate Change and Disaster Management among BIMSTEC Countries

On 18th June 2019, FES Myanmar co-hosted a workshop on Climate Change and Disaster Management among the BIMSTEC Countries in Yangon together with the…


17.05.2019 | Event

Learning Democracy Together

Political party youth hone leadership skills by learning key aspects of political practice in Myanmar, the importance of ethnic politics and the…


03.05.2019 | Event

Open Data Day in Myanmar, 2019

Myanmar is a young country – both in terms of its people and in terms of its electoral and societal development. The journey towards democracy has…



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